Steinhaus PRO-CD144B Review – Drill Driver opinions – it`s worth it or not

Steinhaus PRO-CD144B Review

Great for Diy!

Cheap strong and reliable!

Hey there. Steinhaus PRO-CD144B is your moment choose ? Do you want to know if is worth it or is not worth it?

Then we can help you to decide.

Pro Features are:

  1. One Hour until full charge
  2. Fast mandrel / drift pin
  3. Good battery

But, let`s see what actual owners say about this Steinhaus PRO-CD144B drill driver!

Real owners opinions about Steinhaus PRO-CD144B

PRO: Miche says:

It’s a very helpful tool in the household, for an amateur. Nothing professional.

PRO: Boacs says:

I used it to screw some screws in the board, she did great. The battery is good, it does not discharge quickly.

PRO: Dorel says:

I recommend this product with entire heart.

PRO: Nica says:

Sufficient power. I can not keep the chuck when it touches the button even if I hold the chin when the drill is stopped, so the drill will behave perfectly.

PRO: Popa says:

I am very pleased with the purchase. I bought a separate battery and so I never left without a battery.

PRO: Miche says:

Very good quality, the battery that came loaded from them was not discharged after a week and I tried to discharge the battery.


All PRO – 5 stars from 5

Steinhaus PRO-CD144B

My opinion ?

Look at those reviews! No cons! So buy this product if you need it.

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