SilverStrong Car Stereo review – Android 7.1 – 7 inch – GPS Built in – 2DIN Android car stereo opinions

SilverStrong Car Stereo review

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You are interesed about this product: SilverStrong Car Stereo with android and gps ?

Then read our opinion and also reviews from people that actualy have bought this SilverStrong Car Stereo.

Our SilverStrong Car Stereo Opinions:

I have a cheap made in china Car stereo with GPS on my car and it worked well for 8 months!

After those months, i have sound issues.

One speaker is dead and sometimes makes a loud whistling.

Now is on repairs.

But, maybe is only my issue.

Owners opinions about SilverStrong Car Stereo

PRO – ROcsi says:

Very good device! But first, buy an adapter for your car model

PRO – Hupeople says:

The product is okay, everything works okay.

PRO – TIm says:

The device works fine. The programming button for steering wheel is not as all.

PRO – Adita says:

I`m very satisfied about this car stereo! The android is all you need in the car!

PRO – Sorin says:

I managed to install Waze! And is working fawless.

PRO – NETI says:

I bought it for Waze, Google Maps, Youtube and Music! All working great ! I recommend this gadget!

PRO – Costy says:

I`m satisfied ! And the device is quite fast!

PRO – NETI says:

It fits perfectly in place of my original car stereo on Hyndai Tucson GLS 2006.

CONS – Seby says:

Only 4 x 45 wats …i want 4 x 60 wats,

Well done. What to say about these reviews ?

 The android car stereo it seems the is the  best buy.

One thought on “SilverStrong Car Stereo review – Android 7.1 – 7 inch – GPS Built in – 2DIN Android car stereo opinions

  1. It is worth it for waze in my country. I also have free mobile internet every month 😉

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