Quality Huawei AP38 Fast Charge for your car review – Charge your smartphone faster than before for a fair price

Huawei AP38 Fast Charge review

If you need a good quality and good looking car socket splitter for your car, then we suggest to get Huawei AP38 Fast Charge!

Why is that ?

Well, because:

  1. Have a very very modern look
  2. Have enought power to charge any smartphone or tablet
  3. Fast charge
  4. Good quality materials
  5. Fair price for those features and for this quality
  6. USB Type-C cable included

Huawei AP38 Fast Charge

Enough from our side, let`s see what the people from entire planet say about Huawei AP38 Fast Charge

Buyers review!

Color MAP of reviews is:

Green = Very Good / Best quality / Best price

Orange = Not too good, not too bad also

Red = Bad product / bad quality / too expenssive

PRO Opinion – Cosmin says:

The best car charger I’ve tested. I tried countless variants, and they all just loaded the phone. If I was even opening Waze. I was lucky to keep my phone open. Same as the car’s USB port.”

PRO Opinion – Baluta says:

The fast charge function is realy works.

PRO Opinion – Popescu says:

“I use it with Huawei P9 and it’s very fast but I’m sure it works just as well with any other phone.”

Buyer Opinion – Ghitan says:

“The price is too high.”

Buyer Opinion – All4me says:

“Is not so cheap! Actualy is not afordable at all.”

PRO Opinion – Eugen21 says:

“Huawei P10 quickly loads (supercharge). Probably also P9, we have not tried yet. It’s good to consider for holders of other phone brands as they will stably charge them at 5V, 1A.

PRO Opinion – Ioana says:

“Charge perfectly. Tested on Huawei P9.”

PRO Opinion – Nicu says:

“Surely there are cheaper versions with the same specifications, but that was my choice and I am very pleased with the choice.”

Cons Opinion – Marcu666adin says


RIGHT!! Read the opinions guys!

If you need a quality and not so cheap car charger, buy it

Huawei AP38 Fast Charge review – Elegant looking socket

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