DVR CMC Single001 dashcam review – You should get it or not – Car dashcam Honest review

Dashcam DVR CMC Single001 review – video quality – image quality – night vision opinions – See Honest review

You want to buy this DVR CMC Single001 dashcam ?

You have it already and you want to know more about the product?

Then you are in right place for that!

Car camera review

DVR CMC Single001 is a dashcam that can record Full HD video to an MicroSD / MMC card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

The dashcam is looking quite nice.

Not so cheap dashcam! Expecting quality ? Read this article 🙂

Now, we will tell you what we find out about this product, and also we show you some REAL opinions about DVR CMC Single001.

Owners opinios are: (pro and cons)

PRO: Gogu say: Excellent price ratio. Filming very well even at night. I am pleased with the acquisition.

Cons: Marian say: Unfortunately, The battery does not hold too much and have only 120 degrees

PRO: Is useful dashcam and is working fine on night time.

PRO: If you change DVR CMC Single001 resolution settings, there is big difference!

PRO: Ganea says: Shock sensor G and Motion Sensor! Very useful !

Enough! Are you sure you want to buy this camera for the car? Good Luck then 🙂

General Score: 4 – 1 have PRO reviews!

The writer Daniel Buzduganu opinion:

The dashcam is excellent for his price! We do not all have the opportunity to buy better than this camera. So for some of us, this camera can be useful in case of traffic accident as a proof.

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