Dashcam DVR Smailo DriveX review – video quality – image quality – owners opinions – See Honest review

Dashcam DVR Smailo DriveX review – video quality – image quality – night vision opinions – See Honest review including youtube link video proof.

You want to buy this DVR Smailo DriveX dashcam ?

You have it already and you want to know more about the product?

Then you are in right place for that!

Car camera review

DVR Smailo DriveX is a dashcam that can record HD video to an MicroSD / MMC card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

The dashcam is looking quite nice.

Very cheap dashcam! Expecting quality ? Read this article 🙂

Now, we will tell you what we find out about this product, and also we show you some REAL opinions about DVR Smailo DriveX.

Owners opinios are: (pro and cons)

Cons: Gateea say:

“I deeply regret this acquisition because the so-called HD quality is under all criticism. Playbacks are jammed. The battery does not take more than 5 seconds after the engine stops.”

Cons: Andryas say:

“Although it has a built-in battery, every time the settings are set to date and time, it is very annoying. It must always be fed so that these settings are not lost.”

Pro:  Peter says:

A very ok dashcam considering the price. If it’s set at night it’s very well including the plate numbers at a distance of 10m. And then you can see exactly how much your headlights can light.

PRO: Boggy says:

“I have it for a few days. I am very pleased with how she is filming and playing. I had no problems with her at all.”

Cons: Corny says:

The motion detector does not seem useful to me, because if there is no car in front of you, shooting stops, and if you want to film a landscape or something without interruption, this is not possible

Cons: Roland says:

For that price, I honestly did not expect to record in 4K. In the daytime, with the sun, it’s good. If it’s snowing, rain or overcast … It’s bad, but acceptable.

Cons: Savy says:

Reading the opinions of the buyers I noticed different issues, nor did I escape, mine does not start automatically, but only when I press the on / off button. Even so, it still does not work properly: it records inconsistently, with breaks or continuously, and with very different durations

Enough! Are you sure you want to buy this camera for the car? Good Luck then 🙂

General Score: 5 – 2 have negative reviews!

The writer Daniel Buzduganu opinion:

We do not all have the opportunity to buy a good camera. So for some of us, this camera can be useful in case of traffic accident as a proof. Also you can see youtube videos recorded with DVR Smailo DriveX dash camera here.

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