Cheap Dual USB Ports Car Charger 3.5A review – Vingtank Great 2 USB and 2 Splitter Socket – Onever Elegant looking socket

Onever or Vingtank Dual USB Ports Car Charger 3.5A review

If you need a good quality and good looking car socket splitter for your car, then we suggest to get Onever Dual USB Ports Car Charger 3.5A!

Why is that ?

Well, because:

  1. Have a very very modern look
  2. Have enought power to charge any smartphone or tablet
  3. Fast charge
  4. Good quality materials
  5. Interior temperature display
  6. Battery voltage display
  7. Low price for those features and for this quality

Onever Dual USB Ports Car Charger 3.5A

Enough from our side, let`s see what the people from entire planet say about Vingtank and / or Onever

Buyers review!

Color MAP of reviews is:

Green = Very Good / Best quality / Best price

Orange = Not too good, not too bad also

Red = Bad product / bad quality / too expenssive

PRO Opinion – Setan says:

This onever 3.5 Ampers is the best car socket that i own from 2005! I bought 2 pics

PRO Opinion – DOddy says:

Very good and nice looking adapter, really great.

PRO Opinion – Zolt says:

“I’m very satisfied !”

Buyer Opinion – Setan says:

“The temperature indicated is not really real inside the car, it shows me 2 degrees more or less.”

Buyer Opinion – Grigrom says:

“Setan says the temperature? I say that to battery voltage is preaty close to true and also the temperature + 2 or minus 2 degrees is not much guys. I don`t like the color, this is only one unconvenient.”

PRO Opinion – Sorta99 says:

This is perfect for my car ! It is looks genuine

PRO Opinion – Ilparino666 says:

I love this socket adapter! Is looking great and is working great! Also the price is FAIR i say

PRO Opinion – Nicu says:

Nobody can say nothing about this dual usb socket splitter because is doing what it says that can do

Cons Opinion – Marcu666adin says

I hate this socket! is a gift from the ex-wife

RIGHT!! Read the opinions guys!

If you need a quality and cheap car socket splitter adapter, buy it

Onever Dual USB Ports Car Charger 3.5A review – Great 2 USB and 2 Splitter Socket – Elegant looking socket

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