Best upcoming phones 2019: Release dates for the most anticipated phones of the year


It’s been an exciting year for the phone industry so far, with new foldable phones, hints at future Apple handsets and some embarrassing hardware issues for one major brand.

As consumers, however, what we’re most interested in is what our next phone is going to be – and there are plenty of major releases yet to come in 2019, from some of the industry’s biggest names. Here’s our pick of the most anticipated upcoming phones for 2019.

Apple iPhone 11

It’s getting on for two years since the release of the original iPhone X, and so far there’s been no official confirmation as to when the iPhone 11 might arrive. Rumours and leaks abound, however, with many observers expecting a 2019 release, following an announcement by Apple at its usual September event. If you want to know more about the iPhone 11 rumours, here’s everything we know about it so far.

Based on what we’ve seen, there’s reason to be both excited and perhaps a little concerned. The most controversial leak points to a triple-lens camera system, and early mock-ups of how that might look – with a large bump on the back of the phone – have left some people feeling a little sceptical.

At the end of the day, though, this is Apple we’re talking about. Regardless of whatever changes they end up making, the iPhone 11 is undoubtedly one of this year’s most anticipated phones.

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Google Pixel 4

As with the iPhone 11, we don’t yet have any concrete information about the Google Pixel 4 or when it will be released. However, Google normally announces upcoming phones in October, and leaks and rumours are already circulating, as per our rundown of the potential specs and features of the Google Pixel 4

One thing that we might expect to see is the removal of the Pixel’s notch, to be replaced by a small punched-out hole in the screen housing a dual selfie camera. Other rumours suggest that the phone could also have two physical SIM card slots.

As with all such rumours, it’s important to take this information with a pinch of salt – but that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about the Pixel 4 as we anticipate its announcement.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung hasn’t had the best few months in terms of phone releases, thanks to the Galaxy Fold debacle – but we’re still looking forward to the next iteration to one of its flagship phone lines, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

You may spot a theme here, but we currently can’t say for sure when the Galaxy Note 10 may see the light of day. We can make an educated guess, though: the last two Samsung phones in the Note range were announced in August 2017 and August 2018, so it’s not unlikely that we’ll see a summer launch for the Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with S Pen front on

Once again, there are already plenty of rumours and leaks about the Note 10. One report, from Korean tech site ET News, suggests that the Galaxy Note 10 will implement a completely buttonless design, with no power button, no physical volume adjustment, nor even a dedicated Bixby key.

The phone’s display may also see a redesign, with a larger 6.66in display being introduced – that’s according to Twitter commenter Ice Universe, who regularly shares insider tips about new smartphones. All of this makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 a phone to look out for in the coming months.

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Huawei Mate X

There are several foldable phones coming out in 2019, but the Huawei Mate X looks like one of the most promising. We can talk about it with confidence because, unlike the above handsets, we’ve already gone hands-on with this phone, and we also know that it’s due for release during June 2019.

The headline feature of the Mate X is its 8in, 2,480 x 2,200 display, which divides into a 6.6in front screen and a 6.38in rear screen when folded up. It also features 512GB of internal storage, 8GB of RAM and a 4,500mAh battery.

The catch is the whopping retail price of €2,299 – approximately £1,970 – but we imagine most people will have that lying around somewhere, either sitting next to their indoor pool or squirreled away on their luxury yacht.

In seriousness, while the Mate X may be too costly to gain widespread adoption, our reviewer Ed Munn picked it as “the best of the first-generation folding phones” – and we can’t help but be optimistic about how this foldable phone will fare when it’s released.

Motorola Foldable Razr

Like Samsung and Huawei, Motorola has its own folding phone in the works. It’s called the Motorola Razr, and as we discuss in round-up of Razr news and rumours, much of what we know about it comes via renowned leaker Slashleaks, who recently shared images depicting the phone and its accessories on Twitter.

Based on what we’ve seen, the phone appears to play on fond memories of the original Motorola Razr clamshell phone. However, there’s one key difference: the front panel of the phone is now completely filled by the display.

Further information provided by Phone Arena suggests that the Motorola Razr will have a 6.2in display with a 22:9 aspect ratio, making it noticeably larger than Motorola’s previous phones. We don’t yet know when this phone will be announced, let alone released, but Motorola definitely has us intrigued to find out more.

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